On the 25th of April 1915 at 4:30am, four thousand ANZAC troops landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula, a mile north of their intended landing point and advanced quickly into the hills.

The objective was to capture the high ground and ultimately to advance up the peninsula to capture Constantinople, the then capital of the Turkish Empire, an ally of Germany and Austria in World War One.

Earlier attempts to get through by sea had been repulsed by Turkish gun batteries and landmines; several British and French ships had been lost. A land attack was now being tried.

Lt Col William Malone

The men who reached the third ridge above Chunuk Bair watched, to their dismay, the men on the second ridge behind them digging in because their commander expected a Turkish counterattack. Their orders had been to advance to the third ridge to reinforce the position there, but the orders were changed.

That third ridge was later known as Quinn’s Post; advanced, isolated, and strategically important because it had a commanding view of the valley, and if in enemy hands, supply convoys coming up the valley would be shelled.

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