In the past few years most of my bike trips to Nelson were to map (or survive) the advanced mountain bike trails high in the hills behind town. So when I heard a new section of the Tasman’s Great Taste Trail just opened I stripped off my armour shell and popped on a bike bell to check out this gentle loop. I needed to gather data so I could map the ride and add it to the Great Rides smart phone app I had already developed.

The adventure started a few days earlier with an epic series of back-country rides around the top of the south, before arriving in Nelson in the dead of night. The warm rays of morning light awoke me from the deepest of sleeps, and I bolted out of bed after realising I may have missed the scheduled trail shuttle from the Nelson iSITE – the start of the Great Taste Trail. I arrived just in the nick of time, with the last bike being loaded before departure to Kaiteriteri.

My body was tired, and my heavy eyes drifted skyward towards another Great Ride (the Dun Mountain Trail) before drifting off. My sleepy state was broken by shrieks of joyful play as holidaying children swarmed the Kaiteriteri beachfront. After unloading my bike and bidding farewell to our driver, I spent a few moments taking in the surroundings. The golden sand of this sheltered cove was dotted with sunbathers, while the more active enjoyed offshore activities in the shimmering waters. Parents of younger ones played together in the shallows, having family time like generations before them.

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