There are certain things you might not know about me. The first is that I am the age I am but I try not to worry about it. The second is that I have never worked at any other job than reporting, writing or talking about sports and games. You can assume that Confucius’ quote, “the man who has found the job he likes never works a day in his life” applies to me.

Another thing you can maybe add is that I have always liked to work. That is, ahead of anything else – like, say, holidaying.

From the start of my career I loved the excitement and anticipation of being a broadcaster; and the establishment years, while earning travel and status, were also great. And even now as I reach my ‘middle’ years, (my expression for having passed 50 years at the microphone) I still love it to bits. I often say I cannot remember a day in my life when I did not think about sports and games – and that is especially the game of rugby.

This was not mountain climbing, far from it, but it was still billy-goat stuff on the famous Plage de la Garoupe walk around the base of Cap d’Antibes. It was another satisfying two-hour goal completed, made easier by the distraction of glorious Mediterranean views all the way

Some might say that is sad, but that is the way it is for me.

A few years ago, with my very patient wife Anne (who I married in 1970), we reflected on how much we had enjoyed the brief times we had had while travelling in France. She had slipped in with me on several All Black trips there, then she did all the work on several All Black Supporters’ tour groups to France while I kinda just tagged along talking footy! And she even cycled with a girlfriend through the Loire Valley one time, while I lay on the couch back home in Wellington, leaving them to it.

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