In our article on Kaikoura in the Feb-Mar issue of NZToday, we mentioned the breathtaking scenery, coastline and marine-life which make the area so unique, and which is part of the reason why it has developed into an enormously popular tourist destination in the last decade or so.

Ohau Point today – you can see a lot of rock has been removed. This is a massive slip and extremely difficult

In recent years, it has become internationally known for its famous residents which can be seen all year-round, like its sperm and humpback whales, orca, dusky and hector dolphins, fur seals, albatross and other birdlife. You can experience all this marine life from the comfort of a Whale Watch boat, a plane or helicopter, or if you want to get closer to the action, a sea kayak.

Add in the other activities Kaikoura offers such as the variety of kayaking, biking and hiking experiences, and you begin to appreciate that this really is a glorious destination, albeit one that today is a bit harder to reach than it used to be.

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