This issue we’re providing updates on walking/hiking trails around Kaikoura district. Most of the regular hiking trails are open and the town is ready to welcome visitors. The marine life has not been affected at all. Local tourism operators have said the whale, dolphin, seal and albatross viewings have been as good as, if not better, than before the earthquake. Heartening news for the community.

Kaikoura Peninsula Walk

The district’s signature walk, the Kaikoura Peninsula Walk from the Point Kean seal colony to South Bay, is open and provides wonderful new vistas out along the coastline with the uplifted seabed. Previously at high tide all the rocks (seabed) were covered with water, but now the new high-tide level is shown with the green-coloured rocks. At low tide you can now walk out 1km on the seabed and visit the new ‘teenage seal hangout’ on the right hand side of the Point Kean seabed, with the traditional ‘retirement village’ of seals by the left side of the carpark. It’s a two-hour return walk, plus any time you may spend walking out on the uplifted seabed – definitely worth adding extra time to walk out on the seabed at Point Kean and South Bay. Or something new, walk around the whole peninsula at low tide. This was not possible pre-quake.

Seals at Point Kean snow on mountains Photo Bare Kiwi

Mt Fyffe and Seaward Kaikoura Range

The eight-hour return track up to Mt Fyffe Hut and on to the summit of Mt Fyffe (1602m) is open.

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