It has been a bit of a rock’n’rolling time over the last few weeks, following the large 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked the world for residents in North Canterbury through Kaikoura, all the way through to Seddon and shimmying across the ditch to Wellington.

The rest of the country got a shake up as well, and to date more than 5000 aftershocks have been recorded all over the country.

Bruce and I live in Martinborough, a small vineyard village in the Wairarapa. Since moving here 11 years ago, we’ve experienced quite a few earthquakes and aftershocks, mainly in the last six years.

We also happened to be in Christchurch for a week the day after the first earthquake six years ago, and indeed experienced a strong 5.8 aftershock whilst sleeping in our motorhome parked besides a building in Christchurch.
That was the worst in our minimal experiences. You’ll hear people talk about the noise – in this case we woke up about 3am thinking we were…

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